Kashmir Beauty

Soak your reminiscences in a warm cup of kahwah tea, whilst indulging within the varied landscapes of Kashmir beauty. take in the crisp misty air, whilst gorging on warm kashmiri pulao and domestic-made rista.

Feel your coronary heart synchronize with the gushing waters that journey from the glaciers above. dust the snow off your shoulders after a long trek up a hill and watch the sun-kissed, snow-capped mountains.

Kashmir beauty

A valley among the great himalayan range and the pir panjal mountain range, kashmir is a place of lovely simplicity and pristine herbal beauty.

kashmir is painted with a completely unique culture that continues you intrigued all through your adventure, from srinagar to sonamarg and gulmarg until pahalgam.

Kashmir beauty
Mughal Garden (Photo: Umar zaz)

Tourists enjoy Kashmir Beauty

Kashmir has a ramification of terrains ranging from lakes, snow-capped mountains, coniferous kissed hills to glacier fed rivers. on one hand, kashmir is included with wild untouched terrain and on the alternative, there are fields of saffron and orchards of apples awaiting their complete bloom.

They’ve a diffusion of flora which might be a display in itself. they wait, as photographers after photographers attempt to do justice to them.

Kashmir beauty
Chinar Leaf (Photo : Umar zaz)


Chinar known as booune in the kashmiri language, the chinar tree is an critical a part of kashmiri culture. almost each village within the valley has a chinar tree. you could enjoy a fab breeze below the shadow of this majestic tree which may be very conducive to health.

Char Chinar

Char chinar, also every now and then referred to as char chinari, ropa lank, or rupa lank, is an island in dal lake, srinagar, jammu and kashmir. dal lake includes 3 islands, 2 of which are marked with stunning chinar timber. the island placed on the bod dal is referred to as rupa lank (silver island), is marked with the presence of majestic chinar timber at the 4 corners, thus known as char-chinari (4 chinars).The second chinar island, known as sona lanka (gold island), is positioned at the lokut dal, and over appears the holy shrine of hazratbal.


Murad Baksh, brother of the Mughal emperor Aurangzeb, constructed the Rupa Lank.

Kashmir Beauty
Chinar In Autunm (Photo : Umar Zaz)

Decline and restoration

Chinar throughout jammu and kashmir were affected due to numerous reasons including indiscriminate felling and floods. it’s far not unusual to locate locals and media houses reporting that the 4 chinar at char chinar no longer are as majestic as they use to be. 3 of the 4 trees have shown signs of drying up. A few locals blame creation on the island whereas others blame current floods and climate trade.

The floriculture Deptt of jammu and kashmir is making efforts to repair the island to its former glory and feature additionally planted more chinar bushes at the island.



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