Google Introduces WordPress Plugin With Integrated Analytics, Search Console

Google has introduced a new WordPress plugin which brings insights from Google tools to users’ dashboards.

Site Kit by #Google allows users to access information in Search Console, Analytics, AdSense, and PageSpeed Insights from the WordPress admin panel.

“With Site Kit installed, WordPress users can access unified insights and Google product capabilities directly from the WordPress admin panel. Where it is helpful, Site Kit will also provide deep links into Google products for advanced reports and product configuration capabilities.”


#Google will release Site Kit to beta testers in early 2019. Those who are interested in the plugin can sign up for the beta version here.

Site Kit doesn’t add any new insights that are not already available in Google’s tools, but it does make them easier to access.

For example, users can navigate to a page on their website and click on the Site Kit button in the admin panel to see stats for that specific page.


The plugin will also notify users when they’ve hit publishing milestones and show combined stats for the most recently published posts.


#Google plans to expand Site Kit’s capabilities and integrations in the future based on feedback from beta testers.

Credit: searchenginejournal

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